Take the Crazy Out of your Eating Habits

Do you, like so many, feel out of control around food? Are you always either being “really good” or “really bad”? Do you deprive yourself of certain foods, and then lose control when you decide to indulge? Are you always researching the latest carb free, gluten free, dairy free, sugar free, cleanse, detox, paleo craze? Are you always hoping they will invent a magic pill to help you eat “normally,” and not feel crazy around food? I get it because I was once just like you…

It’s just food, yet so many people give it so much power and revolve their lives around it. They think about it constantly, talk about it, and have made it into a much bigger issue than it needs to be.

Our bodies are built to consume and metabolize food. Unfortunately so many people are so out of touch with with their bodies because we are taught to think about food, rather than eat when our bodies are hungry, and stop when they are full.

I can teach you how to understand being hungry in your head versus being hungry in your body. Understanding this will help you stop eating just because the clock says it’s lunchtime, because you are socializing and everyone else is eating, or because you are bored.

I believe wholeheartedly in eating everything in moderation because I believe deprivation leads to loss of control. When nothing is off limits, food lessens it’s grip on us. I can teach you what your body once knew, but forgot, which will lead to weight loss or maintaining your body’s natural weight.

I do not work with clients to manage their desire to eat; I am here to eliminate the desire. This will provide for a lifetime of no more issues with food and weight. If you want to learn how to eat when you are hungry, stop when you are full, stop obsessing about everything you do or don’t eat, enjoy food, taste food, feel like you can indulge without losing control, or feeling horrible about yourself after you do so, I can help you!!

For all of you out there who will ‘start being good tomorrow’, let’s start today!!


For a little taste of my journey and beliefs about food, take a listen to my interview from the Nourishing Soul-utions Telesummit! It’s Just Food. Take Back Your Power and Learn to Trust Your Body.