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As the end of the year approaches, many of us are pulled in all sorts of directions. Parties, family time, vacations, wrapping up work obligations—whatever it is, it can be a lot. It can be a joyous time for some, and for others—not so much. Regardless if you love or dread this time, it can be ideal for looking inward and reflecting on the year that has passed. It’s also an opportunity to set intentions and get ready for the shiny new year ahead.

How was your 2016? Did things go your way or did you find yourself sludging through a whole lot of muck this year? Did you show up in life as the person you want to be, or did you play half-ass? Would you do it all again happily, or would you choose to make some tweaks along the way if you could?

For those of you who have been following me for some time now, know that at the end of each year, I like to pick a word that inspires me for the new year ahead. I always suggest this to clients as well, instead of setting resolutions. I think it feels better for most folks, and seems to have more staying power. Anyway, last year my word was “flow.” It represented not overthinking things, trusting my gut more, and saying “yes” to more things that came my way.

For 2017, I have chosen “surrender.”

During a hot hip-hop yoga class in the dark last Saturday (yes that’s a thing in NYC), I found myself completely unable to balance. Doing any pose that required us to stand on one foot, or contort in a way that gravity played a role, I found myself bouncing around and flailing my arms like never before. It was quite bizarre, and I actually laughed out loud a few times because I felt like a complete spaz.

While making an attempt to quiet my mind (regardless of the commotion my body was making), it kept going back to the word “balance.” And off-balance was definitely something I had been feeling. So why “surrender,” and not “balance” for 2017?

To me surrendering means letting go, not trying to control everything, accepting what is, and not resisting reality. When I don’t do those things, I feel off-balance—hence my need to surrender. When we don’t surrender to what is, it’s like dragging our heels in the ground. It’s like holding onto the things that no longer serve us with a death grip. It’s like stomping our feet and having a tantrum like a toddler would. This doesn’t change our realities, and it certainly doesn’t make moving forward in life easy. Surrendering can, and will apply to many areas of my life in the coming year. Plus, just thinking the word makes me wanna take a big sigh of relief.

What word feels inspiring to you? What feels good in your body when you think it? What can help get you through the hard times, and open you up to more good? Believe? Allow? Release? Brave? Conquer? Confidence? Trust? Love? Oooh this is fun!

Let me know whatcha got!

That’s it—that’s all I got for ya this year!

Happiest holidays to you all!!

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