Testimonials from people like you…

“Working with Melanie was nothing short of life changing. She helped me during a particularly challenging time and I was able to implement her suggestions to make real and lasting changes. She is insightful, supportive and has an amazing sense of humor and grace. I can’t recommend her services highly enough!” Karen T., New York, NY

“Melanie really changed my life. No joke. I feel so much better and realize it’s all how I think about things.” Alexa G., New York, NY

“Every week that I talked to Melanie I felt more in control and, to my surprise, more relaxed about my life decisions. She listened to my concerns, related them to her own personal experiences, and gave me useful tools to permanently change the way I think about myself for the better. With her guidance (and a lot of practice!), I have been able to shift my constantly negative perceptions into positive, reassuring thoughts. Thanks to Melanie’s coaching, I am living a much happier and healthier life!” Sam W., New York, NY

“Melanie is an outstanding coach.  When I worked with Melanie I had a sense that I had a partner who genuinely cared about my well being.  She has the ability to hear what is not said. I have never felt more heard and understood as when I worked with Melanie.” Lynn Poulos, Philadelphia, PA

“Working with Melanie was extremely helpful. She is supportive and encouraging.  She has provided me with an incredible gift by ultimately helping me help myself. I will forever be grateful.” Hallie G., New York, NY

“Melanie is perceptive and self reflective; this self-examination and continual transformation will inspire clients toward their own change and growth. She has developed tools to facilitate change, in addition to a keen understanding of the inner world. This is powerful when combined with her natural inclination to resolve issues and provide help to others.” Lawrence Jennings Phd., New York, NY

“Melanie has a natural gift for life coaching. She’s patient, understanding and a great listener.  She also makes sure that you walk away from each call with specific tasks and objectives that require work on the client’s part. I would recommend her to anyone who is interested in improving or enhancing some part of their life.” Tiffany, Hoboken, NJ

“Melanie is a fantastic coach! She helped me pinpoint exactly where I was getting myself hung up and helped me get to my life’s goals. Her sharp focus, intelligence and compassionate nature are a powerful combination.” Emily Downward, Charlotte, NC

“Through heart centered listening, reflection, and guiding one to their center….. Melanie has a way of bringing you to that place within, that’s truth. I am so grateful that Melanie has been a coach for me through various experiences in my life. Her commitment, patience, and ability to have people look closer at what’s coming up for them, helps bring a deeper clarity to the root of what’s there. To have Melanie as a life coach, is like having a guide that’s shining a flashlight for you to look deeper into your soul. Thank you Melanie!!!!” Jaime M., Ashville, NC